Current Projects

Current Projects

Here, I’ve compiled a list and descriptions of my current works-in-progress, and future plans. This information is current as of September 2017. I will be updating this space every so often, so keep a look out if you’re interested.


The Seer of the Sidhe Novels:

Wergild, Book One Working Title. Recently completed and in editing.

“Freelance undercover agent Dana Oberson just wants to raise her brother Ben and make ends meet. Leif Halfdan, her partner and government liaison to the police force, seems to just spend his immortality annoying her.

Beryl Bay is safe, mostly. But when Maz, a moonsick werewolf and head of the vicious Wulf gang, starts eating kids, Dana and Leif have to work closely with Bruno Aurelio – king of organized crime and Dana’s surrogate father – to protect Ben.

But when Bruno goes missing and a mysterious figure steps out of Leif’s past, everything they love is under threat. Can Leif and Dana protect her brother and their city? Or will both be lost to the devastating consequences of an unchecked desire for power?”


Book Two – development stage

Ongoing books in The Mags Series to be determined


Novellas and Short Stories


Draugr Urban Fantasy. Prequel to Wergild. In editing.

“A week before his wedding, Leif Halfdan is asked to join a team of student archaeologists to excavate the site of a significant Norse settlement in Scotland. With the supernatural and strange part of everyday life for Leif, not much can surprise him. What they find, however, is far more than Viking silver. Whatever curse protects the site might very well cancel Leif’s wedding  – forever!”


IrisShort Story, 2016. Can be found here.


The Gate Short Story, 2017. Can be found here.


Llueve Mucho Donde Vivo, It Rains A Lot Where I Live – Self-published joint project with Rebekah Dornberger and Jennifer Hester-Nita. Children’s book, compiled for victims of a severe flood in Panama in 2oo8.


Under Development


Lee and Rachel, Paranormal Investigators – Paranormal Romance. Currently writing.

“Lee and Rachel celebrate their tenth anniversary as crime-solving, butt-kicking investigators. Lee is a werewolf, and Rachel is the human who saved him from himself. Now, when Lee goes missing for a week, it seems she has to save him again. What darkness threatens their domestic bliss? And can Rachel eradicate it before it claims Lee – and herself?”

Giving up the GhostParanormal Romance, Currently Writing.

“Love + Death = uncomplicated, right? One of em’s dead, the other is lost in a seemingly successful life – until they find each other. But only one of them knows how to live. Unfortunately, someone else wants to live, too. What will it take to revive a corpse?”

Untitled Horror Anthology project – Currently in development with a few co-authors. Will post more details when available.