Current Projects

Current Projects

Here, I’ve compiled a list my current works-in-progress, and future plans. I will be updating this space every so often, so keep a look out if you’re interested. This information is current as of September 2018


Main Project

Draugr Urban Fantasy. Prequel to Wergild. Currently In editing.

“Leif Halfdan, a detective and historical consultant, is on the precipice of several big decisions in his romantic and professional life. But then he is asked to join a team of student archaeologists in Scotland to excavate the site of a significant Norse settlement. With the supernatural and strange part of everyday life for Leif, not much can surprise him. What he finds, however, is far more than Viking silver. Whatever curse protects the site might very well end Leif’s future for good!”


IrisShort Story, 2016. Can be found here.


The Gate Short Story, written 2017. Can be found in Kyanite Press Winter Digest, 2018.



Wergild, Book One Working Title. Placed on the backburner for further development. 

Ongoing books in The Seer of the Sidhe Series to be determined


Past Work

Llueve Mucho Donde Vivo, It Rains A Lot Where I Live – Self-published joint project with Rebekah Dornberger and Jennifer Hester-Nita. Children’s book, compiled for victims of a severe flood in Panama in 2oo8.


Various articles, 2008-2011  – appearing on a now-defunct internationally-reaching humanitarian aid platform. 

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