Kati Felix

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I live in the thunder and ride the lightning
My sound is grand and big and bom bom bom
I taste like ash and gleam like fireflies in rhythm
I burst at the seams in my excesses
Gumming up the greasy wheels with my dust
I climb up up up the ladder to knock you over
And laugh at the mess
The dew of the dawn brings me serenity
And the rain of the twilight brings me death
I hiss at the world and fling my arms wide to the stars
Incense and grass and mud and fir trees are my palace
The river runs like a jagged gash through me
Ecstasy takes me, and I am
The Wilderness



This is a short poem I wrote after seeing an image of an untamed and chaotic woodland. The poem is not so much about the wilderness as it is about the torrents within humanity’s soul and its relation to Nature


What lands do separate –
Nay, what words, indeed!
For I know not that which
Can bridge the distance ‘tween.

Stumbling tongues and souls
Twined round a similar reluctance
Shadowed smiles and twinned sadness
Reminiscence is a familiar friend

Nostalgia trips along the lanes of soul
Shaking loose long-cherished joys
And oft-mourned loss – I miss you!
Must suffered silence be our cost?

Hand clutch on guilty heart
When fellowship is sundered
And I’m the one to blame
Fond farewells assuage nothing