About Me

About Me

Kaitlin Felix is an author of dark fantasy and historical fiction with a mythological focus. She has been published internationally, in well-known anthologies and small publications. You can find her full list of works at this link.  

Her experience extends from editing campus publications to writing for international media outlets. She has interned in libraries, humanitarian organizations, and car dealerships. She also has extensive experience with running and managing coffee shops, both locally and abroad.

She is a current member of the American Women’s Club of Zurich, where she participates with the Writers Group. She also has facilitated and led Workshops for Fiction Writing.

She is a giant nerd, mother to one child, an avid gamer, and a runner. She hoards tea like a dragon, but coffee is her true love.

Currently, she is seeking agent representation for a dark contemporary fantasy novel.

You can find Kaitlin on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Allpoetry.

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  1. Thanks, Kevan! That’s very kind of you! I can say with confidence that fantasy, coffee and running make for a great combo in anyone!

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